West Highland Way: Days 2-7

We’ve been having a lovely time after the miserable walk we had on Day 1. We certainly learnt our limits and took a day off and then told our guides that we’d like to do a maximum of 6 miles a day. They are a lovely couple and are so accommodating of our spoilt city ways. One of them picks us up at about 10.30 everyday and takes us for a section of the walk. We set the pace, we stop to take pictures or just to stare at how stunning everything is and when we start to get tired we ask him to take us back. This has meant that we have been able to sleep in, we’ve enjoyed the scenery, we’ve gotten to walk to our capacity and we have a large part of the day free to drink the local ales and then lie in bed and read a novel. (I’m currently addicted to the ‘Game of Thrones series.)
Tomorrow is the last day of walking and we’re planning to skip the walk and go to a distillery instead.
What a wonderful holiday this has turned out to be.


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One thought on “West Highland Way: Days 2-7

  1. Banno says:

    I am glad you have nice guides. Our guide in Nepal made it worse for me by being sort of mocking about my slowness, not in an obvious way of course, but patronizing. Anyway. I’d love a walking holiday which I could design to my own pace. Yours sounds wonderful.

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