Eat – 1

A little over a year ago if you had told me that I would have the discipline to give up meat and dairy I would have laughed. Dieting has always been a non-starter for me. I tried and failed many times and eventually learned that all it did was make me unhappy so I stopped trying.

Last May we had a barbeque at home and 4 out of the 8 guests we invited were vegan. When we talked to a couple of them they told us that their motivations were health and that a book called “The China Study” had motivated them to turn vegan.

At that time I had no interest in what I saw as denying myself all my favourite foods for health reasons. I was working out regularly and had lost a few kilos and inches and even though that had plateaued I was finally feeling comfortable with my body and weight. So I didn’t really think too much about it.

Then they mentioned a book called the “30 day vegan challenge” and that appealed to my competitive nature so I googled it and found a whole bunch of podcasts from the author on iTunes.

That night I began to listen to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau talk about veganism. About 30 minutes later I was determined to give up dairy products. As she talked, very sensibly and without much rhetoric, about not just the health aspects but also the shockingly inhuman treatment of animals I was often in tears.

I do encourage you to watch her videos on youtube and do your own research if you’re interested.
To me it was a no-brainer. I could not in good conscience consume animal products knowing that there were healthier and kinder alternatives.
I had literally turned vegan overnight.

TG was on a business trip in Australia and was doing her research (unbeknownst to me) on whether a vegan diet was healthy. She was determined to find holes in that theory and determined to prove that meat and dairy were good for you in the right amounts. She said that all the research she read pretty much backed up the fact that it was healthier to eat a plant based diet.

So, fortunately we both came to the same conclusions just via different motivations.



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6 thoughts on “Eat – 1

  1. Like :) I totally agree that a plant based diet is the way to go, but I do also know that some people thrive on having meat in their diet – Evs bring one of them (trust me I’ve tried to get him to go veg lol). We are passionate about the animals and do what we can within our means to make sure the source of our eggs/meat is ethical and organic. I know that it’s not the ideal solution, but it works for us. Diet is hugely personal I think and I applaud you even more for making such a huge and amazing step towards your health.

  2. Deepa says:

    Hi Broom,

    Congrats on a whole year of becoming vegan and staying vegan despite I’m sure the many temptations of good food esp. in a place like London:-)

    I’m suffering from invasive cancer for some time now and researching many different types of diets that might work to holistically help me in the long run lead a healthier life. My query to you is how do you and The Girl get requisite amounts of B12 and iron that the body and especially menstruating women need which come in optimal amounts only from high quality red meat and certain kinds of fish. Many vegetarian populations around the world have been found to be deficient and sometimes severely so in these two very important vitamin and mineral leading to fatigue, an off nervous system, energy and other issues which worsen over time sometimes slowly and sometimes faster. I’m already anemic and have been advised a diet high in red meat and good wild caught fish like mackerel, sardines etc. I’m with you on the no-dairy thing though. I really do not think there is a huge healthy pay off to consuming dairy and if there is any at all in the first place. But on red meat and fish I’m of the opinion if you eat humanely raised meat and wild caught fish of the sustainably fished types it’s actually good of you in the right amounts.

    I’m sorry to read about TG’s arthritis too. I meant to leave a comment before saying so but now is better than never. I wish her nothing but complete recovery.

    You once sent me a post card. Dunno if you remember that:-) But it was incredibly sweet and then on I remember wondering what you’d been unto since your posts got infrequent when you moved across the Atlantic. Write more often.

    • Hi Deepa, the only thing you need to supplement is B12. The irony is that B12 doesn’t come directly from the animal one eats but from bacteria in the soil. So when the animals eat grass they get their B12 which we get when we eat their flesh. We used to get it from non animal sources but things are so sterilised and cleaned that we no longer get this nutrient in sufficient quantities.
      You can get all the iron you need from greens. If you’re still deficient you can supplement it as well.
      TG had an iron deficiency even when she was eating meat.
      In my next post I’ll provide some links.
      Hope that helps.

      • Deepa says:

        Thank you so much Broom for taking the time to explain that. Who’d have thunk it? I do need to read up more myself and make long term decisions regarding our diet and over all approach to life. My son and I are both anemic and need supplementation daily. We use a GAIA liquid iron product with phosphorus which has been wonderful in keeping our levels stable and without constipation. I might need to search for a similarly good B12 product. The thing is with radiation and surgeries my gastro tract has gone for a toss and no longer absorbs nutrients from food or supplements properly. So I have to constantly search for products that my body can absorb quickly and efficiently.

        Best of luck to both of you on your new way of life. May TG heal soon and may you both have a great life together.

        Do post a lengthier blog someday on what sources of food you include in your diet for good protein, omega 3’s and 6’s and also iron. Would love to know what has worked for you.

  3. Deepa – I was going to say the same thing! Vegans really only need to supplement B12. As for iron, you’d be surprised the amount of iron there is in many green leafy vegetables (lol spinach) and other sources.

    As for omega 3’s etc – try chia seeds, flaxseed oil/flax meal – my meat/fish consumption has decreased quite a bit and I have these pretty much daily. Also – I loved Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet – she too had cancer and turned to a vegan diet to manage it. There’s a 21 day vegan challenge int it too with meal plans etc. I’ve been meaning to do one myself lol but it does require a little bit of preparation.

    • Deepa says:

      Thank you so much Sig. Very informative. I must research some more very soon in order to get my pantry in order. Right now I’m just trying to quickly clear out all the “offensive” stuff and slowly fill it with the good for us stuff:-)

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