Dear Broom – 2013

Dear Me,

This is SO long overdue. I almost didn’t want to do it, but then I read some of the older posts in this series & realised it is nice to have a record, however brief, of the year that was. So here we go…

Don’t worry. The Girl is really ill and when 2013 begins you’ll wonder if life as you & The Girl knew it was over. It is scary, but I promise you that a WONDERFUL doctor will diagnose The Girl with something that will be entirely manageable. And while it won’t really go away for this entire year, you will be relieved and grateful that she isn’t on crutches anymore, that she can walk semi-normally, that she won’t need a wheelchair at airports. You will be grateful to the NHS, with all it’s flaws, for being there to help with this.

You won’t travel as much this year, but you will go to the Maldives. Twice. And you will LOVE it.


Work will continue to be wonderfully satisfying and you will form strong and deep bonds with a lot of your colleagues.

Financially, this year is the bomb. (In a good way!) Just know that you don’t have to worry about money this year.

You will move again. Yes. You will find a factory conversion flat in East London that you both fall in love with and will buy even though it won’t be ready for possession till June 2014. You will sell your home in West London, move to a rental place that is a 5 minute cycle ride away from your workplace.

You will absolutely love waking up at 8 and chatting with The Girl till about 8.45 while sipping coffee and then leisurely getting ready for work & cycling there by 9.30. You will love not having to use the tube. You will love the vibrancy of East London and wonder why you didn’t move here sooner.

Mama & Papa will come stay with you & The Girl for 7 weeks. Don’t panic. It will be fine. It will be more than fine. They will have a great time with you & The Girl & you will finally feel like they’ve accepted you for who you are.

The year will end with a trip to the States. With DOMA finally gone, you & The Girl have been contemplating moving to California and while you’re there you will realise with surprise that you both cannot fathom living out of London anymore. London, with it’s crappy weather & crowded public transport & forgotten sunshine, has you wrapped around her little finger and you both want it that way.

This is a great year. Sit back, relax & fasten your seat belt.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Broom – 2013

  1. Deepa says:

    Beautiful post Broom. Made me all teary and yet I smiled at how it ended. Kept checking on you here wondering how The Girl and you were doing. Glad to see this today.

    I’m also happy TG is doing much, much better and best of all she has you to be with.

    Cheers and joy and health in 2014 to you both

  2. Yay to 2013! Here’s hoping 2014 is even more awesome! As an aside – when can we catch up?? Hoping to come into London soon and would love to see u and the girl both :) xx

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