I am a high-functioning introvert. So you’d probably never guess if you met me, but meeting a big group of people makes me anxious. By ‘big group’ I mean anything over 2 people.
I am happy going to movies alone but I know loads of people, usually extroverts, who are mortified at the idea of sitting alone in a theater.

My idea of hell is a loud party where I don’t know anyone. Actually even walking into a quiet party filled with a lot of people I know makes me very anxious. I like hanging out with a maximum of 3-4 people over a meal with a few laughs and some intellectually stimulating conversation. If that is your idea of hell, you’re probably an extrovert!

One of my guilty pleasures is coming home early from work occasionally and just being by myself, either watching some rubbish TV or reading a book, or surfing the web. I love my “me-time” and can get grumpy if I don’t get it regularly.

When I visit India my parents have a party where they invite a whole bunch of their friends to meet me. These are mostly people I knew growing up so they’re not strangers. The fact that I have to meet about 10 of them at an event where I’m the center of attention makes me very anxious but I feel like a jerk if I ask my extroverted folks to cancel this event.

I tried to explain my social anxiety to my mother this time and said should read this book called ‘Quiet‘. She basically asked me to get over it. So I sighed, laughed and went to the party and chalked it down to a small debt repayment towards everything my parents have done for me.

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6 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Totally know the feeling and actually that book Quiet is a great one for introverts. My mum was planning the same for Rehan’s 1st birthday here and I convinced her finally jaut to hVe a small family one. Gah! Can’t stand big parties lol! It’s interesting and bloody scary for me to put myself out there especially with this new biz. Trying to find a balance.

    Ps – is there anything more glorious than sitting on the couch by yourself with a drink and a book? :)

  2. I had to wage wars with my family for a small wedding. I fought and fought and bled. Even the husband tried his best ONLY to get his closest friends and family for wedding..but we of course who can win against parents :)

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