The Fat Lady Is Singing

Alright folks! It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve met some lovely people through this blog, people who held my hand as I stepped out of the closet.

Thank you all for helping me feel “normal” when I felt like such a freak.

For nearly 8 years, I’ve shared some very personal stories here but as I’ve gotten to meet people through this blog it’s become harder and harder to be completely candid. Confusingly, I am also tired of having this alter ego. I deleted my broombox twitter account a few weeks ago. It feels like “Broom” is done. I’m thinking of using a more open platform like Medium or TinyLetter if I feel like writing again. (I’m quite sure I will since I’m constantly writing blog posts in my head.)

So, if you want to keep reading, let me know – and if I have never met you in real life & if you’ve been a regular here, I’ll send you a link or something if I start writing somewhere again. I’ll keep this post up for a few days and then make it private like all the other posts.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.